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27/2/09/New Articles!
Check out the lastest new articles on the stargate systems. The Kildae System article is complete and The Halon System article is nearly done too. Alador system article coming soon!
01/01/12/New Articles!
Check out the newly added articles on All the tanks, weapons, and buildings in the game. It still has some missing information and pretty pictures, but that sill come some time soon...

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The Kildae system was discovered in 2347 by explorers and is located just 2 weeks space travel from the Halon system. It is the smallest of the stargate systems because the twin stars of the system, Kildae, have shrank to white dwarf stars. It was once much larger but now the planets further from the sun have been lost as the stars' gravitational force weakens. Continue to full article, The Kildae System.

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