The Alador System

Settled home of the Earth Alliance , is the location of the end game, as the United Systems Alliance defends themself from the Earth military


The Alafor system however was not colonized untill 2465. The Earth battle fleet, sent about 15 years earlier from earth to reclaim the stargate systems stumbed upon this system just 4 weeks from Halon. They populated the worlds of Terenor and Aquarion with the large civilian population which accompanied them. These civilains were originally sent to "repopulate the stargate systems with earth-loving people". They made it easy to set up colonies on worlds which featured bareable climates and fertile soils. The Earth Alliance set up bases on the barren moons of Kalda and Kerpe I, moons of Terenor and Cali-de respectively. The system became the base of the Earth military for 4 years untill they were defeated by the United Systems Aliance

Planets of the Alador systemEdit

An Earth-sized planet,Terenor is the capital planet of the Alador System and the first planet to be colonized by the Earth regular forces.Most of the planet surface is covered by vast swamps and rivers,and there is also a number of dry and warm deserts.The first people who set their foot on this planet have discovered that it was a place crowling with millions of species of insects,some really large and nasty,so they had to pack their rubber boots before start a colony.Most military bases on the planet are located to the warm sand of the deserts or into the top of the mountains,where it is difficult to track.No wonder why the Earthlings have decided to build their tank-fanctories industrial buildings into the valleys beneath the snowing mountains.The planet became under US control after the defeat of the Earth military units.

Aquarion is a small distant planet of the Alador system.The planet is one giant blue ocean,as most of its surface it is covered by water, and there is also a great number of islands,scattered across the central archipelago.There are countless numbers of species of fish in the ocean,and so the planet is second of military importance,as lots of cities bases have been established along the coastal waters.


Kerpe I