Stealth, or radar reflector module, is a peice of equipment, mounted in some small tanks used for reconaissance. It makes the tank less visible to all forms of radar, and imposible to lock onto with missiles.The stealth module in question is usally mounted at the front of the tank, and is very sensitive to damage.

Since Stealth tanks are used for recon rather than combat, they tend to come out off nowhere, but have little weight in a dogfight. Onlt exception being the Strifer, whilst still quite weak, it is armed with more then its conterparts.

Stealth tanks in the gameEdit

Stealth Tanks

Tactics when stealthedEdit

Since you are impossible to lock onto when stealthed, an expoitative tactic is to use stealth tanks at long range, taking pok shots with your main gun or missile launcher. As long as your out of the AI's rail gun range, they can't hurt you. However be carefull with Hv rockets , as, when your out, your out for good.

Also since turrets find it harder to detect you, you can move closer to ememy bases than most other tanks, allowing you to take out a sensor tower, or attack the turret directly.

All stealth tanks have weak amour, so try to avoid confrontation with multiple hostiles, or use the ramming tactic to assuly them. Since if you stay close enough to a tank, it'll retreat from you, and stop firing/miss all the time. Weak armour or no weak armour, you'll always win in a 1 on 1 this way. (Unless they have a plasma cannon )