Halcon missile launcher

"The rebel tank depot shares the anthill-like structure of most rebel installations. The tank stoage is poor but it houses a repair shop plus lodging for three shifts of workers. The only flaw in the design of the depot is the slow docking baw that is only able to handle a small number of tanks at a time."

Use in game:Edit

The tank depot is the focus of many of the caimpain missions, and isn't very rugged at all.

The US tank depot is different from all other depots, because it only has 2 doors, and is so high off the ground. Making it thoroughly impractical in comparison, as it cannot let tanks inside and out quickly, aswell as being an easy target to hit with rockets.

Despite being a workshop, the depot can't repair the players tank, you can't even interact with it. Allied tank can, but you can never use it.

The tank depot is the optional mssion for the first level.