Rebel HF 200 Fangs
"The flagship of the United Systems armoured forces. The HF 200 may be a bit clumsy and slow but this is made up by the toughest armour available. The crew can really feel safe in the bowels of this heavy class fighter. Two reactors feed the shield and twin railers with plenty of power to confront any hostile battlecraft. In addition to the railers and ample supply of homing missiles, Fangs' mine bays house a battery of 30 50K Termine mines, each as powerful as your average homing missile. And on top of all that, driving Fangs really does miracles to your self-confidence."


  • Origin: United System
  • Class: Heavy
  • Weight: 29T
  • Top Speed: 291 km/h
  • Armor: Active 80K
  • Battery/Recharge: 270/10sec
  • Armament: Twin 25K rail gun
  • Armament: 30 60K Missiles
  • Armament 30 50K MInes

Use in game:Edit

Despite runnign on the same engine as the BCC110 the Fangs' has one of the best recharges in the game (similar as with all the heavy tanks), it is really hard to empty the battery on this tank, because it recharges so quickly. Not to mention that its guns are really powerfull, and can kill most light tanks with only a few volleys. This quick charge also applies to the armor repair aswell.

The fangs is stocked up with the same number and output missiles as the 110 but also mounts a mine bay. However as the Fangs moves so ponderously, getting those powerfull mines to go off will be dificult.

Fangs is piloted by the player many times, when he's reached a high enough rank, and is adding to a full frontall assult. It is slow and methodicall, the 200 has very powerfull guns and armor, but should you get in a tight spot, don't expect to get out quick and clean.

The Fangs is best deployed as a bulwark, poking up and unleashing firewith its awesome railguns, before darting back down to heal. Take things slow is usally best, but the Fangs' is a brilliant risk taker.