Rebel BCC 120 Claws

"The 120 series Claws is more versatile than its elder brother, the BCC 110. Although driven by a less powerful engine, the BCC 120 is worthy of its nickneam. In addition to main rail gun and side-mounted light homers it is fitted with mine bays and a laser designator device.

The wide choice of weaponry make it,possible to use the BCC 120 on wide scale of assignments, ranging from surgical stikes to escort missions and defensive operations."


  • Origin: United System
  • Class: Battle
  • Weight 18T
  • Top Speed: 370km/h
  • Armor: Active 50K
  • Battery/Recharge: 135/15sec
  • Armament: Single 25K Rail Gun
  • Armament: 40 35K Missiles
  • Armament: 30 20K AT Mines
  • Armament: Laser Desingator

The BBC 120 is the replacement tank for the BCC 110 for the player. It has more weapon options, is slower and has a better recharge (despite what the games says).

The BCC 120 gets rid off the main weakness of the 110, mainly the weak engine. However it is also armed with alot more wepons options and more (weaker) missiles.

The player uses the BCC120 quite exensively in the caimpain, first playing with it on level 3. With its inproved powerplants, it can fire more quickly and take damage more easily and keep fighting.