Halon Strifer

"The only Halon stealth tank is well armed and inadequately armored as is the case with most of their machinery. The light passive armor does not have auto-repair ability and relies only on the sheer thinckness of the plating. It has been speculated that the philosophy of a Halon pilot resembles that of a sapper. The non-repairing armor doesn't really leave much room for errors.

But dont let yourself be caught off guard, the awkward turtle shell houses considerable firepower, especially considering that this is a stealth class tank after all.


  • Origin: Halon Empire
  • Class: Stealth
  • Weight: 13T
  • Top Speed: 426 km/h
  • Armor: Passive 40K
  • Battery/Recharge: 120/30sec
  • Armament: 20 25K Missiles
  • Armament: 30 30K AT Mines
  • Armament: Laser Designator

Use in gameEdit

The strifer is usally encountered as an oddball ememy, as a scout roaming the map. It is sometime used in frontal assults, but is usally alone. This make fighting them very easy, as their very weak armour is very easy to break.

They fight in a similar way to the Charon tank however, as in they have similar arminants, and tend to run when their front armor is depleted.

It may be noted that this tank doesn't have a railgun, just a high velocity rocket, so its powerplant is only used for its stealth, radar and movement, so untill its armour is broken it can keep firing all 200 rounds.

The strifer is also piloted by the player breifly during a stealth/reconnaissance mission, here the passive armour really is a burden, and the disguise dosen't seem to work.