Halon sensor tower

"It does not take a lot of imagination to understand why the rebels named this installation fox. The rather fragile looking sensor tower uses exotic focused mirror technology. It needs minimal manienance because there are no moving parts involved, and can be online and operational practically forever. Unless someone blasts it to peices that is."

Use in gameEdit

The halon sensor tower, is another popular instalation of the halon empire , often set at a side from the base, or far off in the mountains.

It like all the other radar, tracks movement infront of it for quite a distance, and is effected by terrian just like the others. It is often used to track the player, who will hear a beeping noise from time to time, and 'enemy radar is tracking you' apear on the screen.

It is not known whether the radar is utalised by the halon troops or not, but the halon sensor tower is used by the enemy to shoot down your missile strikes. So removing has a purpose outside of story objectives.

The weak point, is just below the 'sensor array' oe th thinest part of the array, hit it here for high damage.