Halon missile launcher

"The Halon launcher station is the greatest cannon ever made. The actual four-barreled rocket launcher is only the top of the iceburg. Hidden in the silo underneath the launcher is the loading mechanism which can reload all four barrels in less than two seconds, as state of the art fire control centre, and quarters for the crew of four."

Use in gameEdit

The Halon missile launcher is a common sight on the battlefeild and appears many time in the game.

It is first see on the first mission, where the player destroys it with a variety of other targets.

It, like the other faction turrets are used to provide missile strikes for the laser designator , if within range.

It has an obvious weak spot, being the thinest part of the turret.

It can actually rotate and aim at targets, once given a designation, but it is rarely used by the halon empire, in game.

(Does the player use the turret, when in an enemy tank? when with the rebels?)

(what missions does it apear?)